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ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni


ASCOJA (ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni) is an umbrella organization for the Japan Alumni Associations in each ASEAN country.

It was established in June 1977 centered on participants who had deepened their relationships in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Reunion of Southeast Asian Graduates from Japanese Universities” invitation program, which began in 1974 at the behest of the late Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda (Minister of Finance at the time).

Purpose of Establishment

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  1. To act as a point of contact for exchange of information and common problem-solving in member countries.
  2. Establish a cooperative system in each country’s specialized field for mutual development and coexistence in the future.
  3. Cooperation between countries to promote friendly relations and prosperity in ASEAN.

Activities of ASCOJA

  1. Every year, the ASCOJA General Assembly is held in each country.
  2. Providing information on studying in Japan and cooperating in promoting the Japanese language and culture.
  3. Providing services to local Japanese companies.
Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of international relations
- J. William Fulbright -

the 10 member countries of ascoja

Indonesian Alumni Association of Japan (PERSADA)
Japan Alumni Association of Malaysia (JAGAM)
Japan University Alumni Association of Singapore (JUGAS)
Association of Japanese Alumni of Thailand (OJSAT)
Federation of Philippine Alumni from Japan (PHILFEJA)
Brunei Japan Student Association (BAJA)
Myanmar Japan Alumni Association (MAJA)
Cambodian Japan Alumni Association (JAC)
Vietnam Association of Japanese Alumni (VAJA)
Association of Japanese Alumni of Laos (JAOL)

ASJA International

ASJA (Asia Japan Alumni) International is an international institution established in April 2000 with the support of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The institution implements exchange programs for Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship students from ten ASEAN countries so that they may become future leaders who act as a bridge between Japan and their home countries.

Upcoming EVENTS

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